Alan Rosewarne

[email protected]

Alan is a career marketing professional with extensive experience on both sides of the fence. After completing a business/marketing degree, the first part of his working life was as a marketer in the finance-insurance, grocery then manufacturing industries.

From the client side he moved into advertising joining Clemenger Adelaide where he then spent ten years as an Account Director working on a wide cross section of national and regional clients. During that time he became a director of the company. In this role, Alan was responsible for overall management of the client’s needs including, strategy, supervision and co-ordination of media and creative functions. Alan also had responsibility for budgeting, as well as policy, administrative and staff responsibilities for the account service department.

Alan went on to other senior management roles in Adelaide agencies with DDB (partner) and TBMG (General Manager).

Alan has established his own business with an aim to deliver a new style of accountability and cost effectiveness.

His clients have included Mutual Community, Coopers Brewery, Australian F1, Gas Company, The Advertiser, Dairy Vale, Laubman and Pank, Hyatt Regency, ETSA, Hamilton Wines, Ilec, Bonaire, Vulcan and the Credit Union Pageant.